Communication, Motivation & Storytelling

Ariane de Melo is a mother, a Literature-Lover and a Soul Music fanatic. She has been a professional theater actress for twenty years. She draws on her experience in Performing Arts to connect with audiences around the world. She officially coaches speakers for several TEDx events; as an award-winning playwright and Dark Fantasy author, she knows all the secrets to captivating storytelling and how to teach others to use their uniqueness to stand out. She has been training Experts into Public Speaking and creating high-profile speakers by helping them get in touch with their creativity and dreams, through the power of acting.

All The World’s a Stage
Monetize Your Personality

  • The inner child knows it better
  • Don’t be afraid of being ridiculous, be afraid to be boring
  • How to use Drama Classes to help you stand out by finding your true self

Activating Imaginations
How To Deliver Stories

  • Storytelling won’t help you if your delivery is poor.
  • Creativity doesn’t kill – try some!
  • How can you solve all your storytelling delivery questions with acting hacks: The F.O.U.N.D.A.T.I.O.N.® Method.

What is Home?
Integrating into a New Society

  • e cultural shock is it worth it living abroad.
  • How to deal with identity crises?
  • Define Homeland for yourself




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