Visual Identity & Visual Branding

Guna Meldere is more than a designer, she is a true artist, and the artist’s soul has many passions. It took her ten years to find her path, and when she finally did, she moved all the way from Latvia to Scotland with her husband and daughter.

Starting from zero was hard on Guna’s confidence, but the love to the Art and her entrepreneurial personality got her back on her feet. From skilled barista with the broken English to the rising star of Visual Branding.

Today Guna is the head of design and partner of a successful branding agency and runs The Brand Style Academy, a community for creative entrepreneurs.

Master Your Visuals and Communicate the Right Message Online

  • Do you know who you are? – The power of colors
  • Branding is more than logos and design
  • Creativity is not just for artists – How you can align your visuals with your personality