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A storyteller since childhood, Nadya Rousseau worked as a professional actor and a freelance journalist before pivoting to digital marketing and business development.

Nadya grew up in a small town in Western Maryland and left to pursue her dreams in entertainment. But that's not where it started. Initially, she pursued modeling in New York City and got very close to securing a $100,000 modeling contract with one of the top modeling agencies in the world. What stopped her? 1 inch. Feeling dejected, but still eager to get out of Hagerstown, she decided to try and make it work in Los Angeles instead, where her long-distance girlfriend lived.

Nadya founded an impact-based global digital marketing &PR agency, Alter New Media. Since then, she’s scaled the agency to well over six figures and grew her team from two to seven. The agency offers everything from influencer marketing to social media marketing to strategic PR. Nadya also has a best-selling Instagram growth and management service, Instagram Rockstar, that since its launch in late 2017, has serviced over 130 customers.

The Truth Behind Influencer Market

  • How to increase revenue and build community with influencer marketing?
  • Why Purposeful Partnerships Increase ROI.
  • Nano and micro influencers are the new celebrity


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